A German court on Thursday ruled that Apple had violated a patent of Qualcomm, and forbade her to sell some models of the iPhone in Germany, reports Reuters. The prohibition applies to models 7, 7 Plus, 8, Plus 8, and X. It will not take effect if Apple will appeal.

Chip maker Qualcomm accuses Apple of violating its patents and sought to ban the sale of iPhone in different countries. Last week it became known that on 30 November a Chinese court issued a preliminary ban on sales of iPhone 6s with X because of the violation of two patents. One patent is associated with the function of photo editing, and other management applications using the touch screen. Later, Qualcomm appealed to the court to prohibit in China sales of the iPhone XS, Max XS and XR for the same reason. But Apple has not admitted his guilt and said that all iPhone models are still available in China. Apple also hopes to circumvent the ban by updating the software of smartphones.

The ban in Germany is associated with the patent for the feature that helps save battery life during sending and receiving wireless signals. Apple hopes that the upgrade software of devices in Germany will allow her to settle the claims of Qualcomm, according to Financial Times.

Qualcomm tried to ban iPhone sales in U.S., Reuters reports. Us regulators acknowledged that Apple had infringed one of its patents, but recommended not to ban the sale of smartphones.

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