The Moscow city court refused to cancel the decision of the Tagansky district court of April 13, 2018 on the Telegram lock in the territory of the Russian Federation, RIA “Novosti”. The representatives of the messenger, in turn, refused to recognize the decision of the appellate court, stating the intention to appeal in cassation.

According to Ramil Akhmetgaliev, a representative of the Telegram in Russia, the reason for the appeal of the decision of the court of first instance was procedural irregularities, ignored by the judge. In particular, said ahmetgaliev, Roskomnadzor has no formal authority to appeal to court with the complaint because to do so would only the Prosecutor’s office.

Representatives of Roskomnadzor protested, saying it does not violate the established rules of filing complaints. On the contrary, stressed the Ministry, they in conjunction with the FSB contributed to the execution by the messenger of the Russian laws. An example of their execution was to be compliance with Telegram of the requirements of the FSB on the provision of encryption keys.

Why blocked Telegram

The failure of the messenger to follow the norms of domestic law was regarded by the authorities as condoning the activities of terrorist and extremist organizations, and the arguments about the impossibility to hand over the keys to decrypt the message — fetched. This is can be avoided by changing the architecture of the messenger, according to the FSB.

Lock Telegram on the territory of Russia began on 15 April, three days after the filing of Roskomnadzor complaint with the relevant requirement. So the coherence of structures was due to the hard blocking of the messenger. In spite of the authorities, during the week the service was almost completely restored.


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