Following Apple and Google, Adobe also did not remain aloof from the world day Emoji. In honor of the holiday, the company published the results of a study on the cultural use of emoticons.

The survey was conducted among thousands of US residents. The vast majority of users use Emoji to “facilitate” the mood of conversation (93% of respondents) and demonstration of its support for the interviewees (91% of respondents).

The most popular Emoji in the world like: tears of joy 😂 (number 1), heart ❤ amazing game (number 2) and a kiss 😘 (number 3). In women, the most popular was exactly 😂, ❤ it’s amazing, and 😘, and men often use 😂, 😁, and 😢.

81% of respondents believe that using Emoji people friendlier and more approachable. As the main advantages of Emoji there are no language barriers (94%) and the ability to quickly share thoughts and ideas (90%).

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