Doug Kittlaus, one of the founders of the virtual assistant Siri, said that voice assistants represent the future of digital technology.

According to the developer, today, users employ them for ordinary actions, like clock or instrument for reminders. But in fact, have voice assistants have much more potential. Kittlaus cited the situation with the application in 2007, when the market received the first model of iPhone. Then the users were available for a total of nine programs, but in a few months opened the App Store, which fundamentally changed the direction of the mobile vector.

Commenting on the situation around the “Apple” virtual assistant, the former Executive Director said that under the leadership of Siri, Apple may not be fully disclosed. Calamus acknowledged that since the acquisition of Corporation development in 2010, she was “much faster and the speech recognition was better.” However, a developer has criticized the reluctance of Apple to open Siri to third-party developers.

It is noteworthy that the team of Niclausse of Viv Labs recently released a new platform that allows third-party developers to build features for voice assistant Bixby from Samsung. The developer has compared the project with Wikipedia, where anyone can add new content.

Earlier told about the protest, which took place on the Champs Elysees in connection with the opening of a large Apple store. It was held by the activists of a major international anti-globalization movement Attac.

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