Recently, the company Apple is in a very limbo: the number of sold iPhone drop, which the company is forced to raise the price of the device, and then any country prohibits the sale of smartphones kupertinovtsy on-site. Now here it became known that the chief designer of all Apple products for the last 20 years has left the company.

Jony Ive said that he plans to found his own company LoveFrom the first client which will be Apple. In turn, John’s place in the company is his former colleagues — Vice-President of industrial design Evans Hank and Vice President in interface design Alan Grant. They already had experience of independent work as while Ive been engaged in the project of new headquarters of Apple, the Hank and Give engaged in the development of design products kupertinovtsy.

“Johnny is a special figure in the world of design, and its role in the revival of Apple cannot be overstated, starting with the revolutionary iMac in 1998, to iPhone and realization of the unprecedented ambition when creating Apple Park,” said Apple CEO Tim cook.

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