Not so long ago in the game’s Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown’appeared the mask of a Japanese pilot. As it turned out, for many players this item is extremely unacceptable – reports Eurogamer.

This helmet depicts a Japanese flag of the rising sun – this is the figure used by the armed forces of Japan during the Second world war when the attack on Korea and China.

Therefore, the developer PUBG poured a lot of complaints and later apologised for his misconduct. According to the official statement, the company promises:

  • to change the process of creating the images;
  • to punish the responsible for the development of a mask;
  • carefully study the items before they are released.

This is not the only problem with the game. Together with the helmet of gamers found in PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds mention of unit 731 – military unit that became famous for barbaric experiments on prisoners. This name – Unit 731 – was given one of the bots.

Such things often happen in the game world – probably so fun for the developers. For example, in mid-June, 2018 in a shooter Fortnite found the swastika. It was an accident when one player engaged in floor covering metal sheets. Users were asked to remove the symbol, and the company apologized.


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