Moscow, August 22 — “News. Economy” Card Apple Card is convenient and easy to use. But the true purpose why Cupertino giant decided to launch such a service, simple is the secret weapon Apple to attract users to the iOS ecosystem in order to sell more smartphones.

Credit card Apple Card, the new “financial” product Cupertino technology giant is now available in the US starting this week.

Despite the fact that the first reviews of the card appreciated the ease of use of Apple Card, visual feedback on the costs and the emphasis on security and privacy, some experts believe that the creation of credit cards, it is a crisis of ideas from Apple, and it loses its innovative advantage.

By itself, the Apple Card is quite innovative and modern. Apple has eliminated some of the biggest challenges in the interaction between credit cards and customers: to register on the website is very simple, cashback and bonuses clear, great customer service and most importantly — clients note that the use of a credit card is very simple, regardless of whether you buy goods or pay bills. In addition, Apple uses machine learning to planning, shopping, and imaging transactions, so you can understand where the money is spent.

With the help of a financial ecosystem Apple can not only much better to probe the demand, but also to get some much-needed predictive Analytics for potential users of the services. In addition, it becomes a powerful marketing arm in the form of daily cashback Daily Cashback. For example, you run an increased cashback of 3% was announced for Uber and Uber Eats.

The map of Apple raises the bar of how to work the credit card, but it is much more than just a credit card: it’s a secret weapon for Apple to sell more smartphones.

Since 2007, Apple releases a new iPhone every year. From approximately 2015 to 2017, the share of iPhone accounted for about 70% of the world’s income Apple. But a decade later, sales began to slow down, as innovation around the iPhone has ceased to grow is significant, and the competition increased in the market.

Over the last holiday quarter smartphone sales slowed down in almost all manufacturers of phones. Apple experienced the biggest decline in iPhone sales in almost three years during this time.

Smartphone sales are falling worldwide, but the iPhone is still a huge part of the Apple business. Currently it accounts for about half the company’s total revenue. Therefore, Apple needs new ways to attract people to the iPhone to compensate for slowing sales. That’s why the company is developing the service business.

For many years Apple has reviewed the App Store and iTunes Store as a source of income and also as a driver of growth in iPhone sales. Now Apple sells subscription services such as Apple Music and Apple News Plus. Since the autumn of this year launched the game Apple Arcade and streaming service Apple TV Plus.

Card Apple Card, which is now available for all Apple customers in the US, may look like a standalone product, but really the map is intended for further integration into the iPhone ecosystem. Largely because the Apple Card is completely dependent on the iPhone.

“Apple” smartphone is required to pay with a card the Apple Card. Using applications on smartphones available itemization of expenses. Phone is stored in your card — so if you lose your iPhone, you will not be able to pay bills with map of Apple.

Bonus Apple Card also tied to the iPhone. Your daily cashback goes directly to your virtual card Apple Cash Card, which is also in your iPhone Wallet.

In addition, you get more daily cashback Daily Cashback, if you use the card to buy Apple products, which is an additional incentive for further participation in the Apple ecosystem.

In short, stylish Apple titanium Card is designed to entice users into the ecosystem, tied to the smartphone, it is an incentive to buy an iPhone.

Saying that Apple is secretly working on more impressive projects such as the driverless car or the smart eyewear, which is expected to appear next year. But at the same time, the company needs to sell more smartphones.

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