From pre-set Weather icon on iPhone disappeared Crimean city, drew attention to “Moscow speaking”. The program does not detect Sevastopol, Yalta, Sochi and other cities of the Peninsula.

In the Russian office Apple failed to promptly clarify the situation. It is noted that earlier the Crimean city this service was listed as Ukrainian, which caused outrage in the state Duma. The Deputy from LDPR Alexander Starovoitov believes that the absence of settlements of the Peninsula on the weather map Apple may demonstrate the policy of the company in respect of the Crimea.

“If you Google enough immediately made contact and we gave them a month to fix all errors, in a month we promonitorili Google maps and they really removed all these errors, then the Apple touch comes out. Reactions no,” said Starovoytov.

He believes that the unwillingness to engage in dialogue speaks of “geopolitical considerations,” which is driven by Apple’s actions. “If they contact do not go, then it is logical that if they have Apple maps this situation, so they are everywhere this trend, in particular in weather quest will somehow Marauder” — spoke the member of the lower house of Parliament.

Previously, he promised to contact the Prosecutor’s office due to the fact that Apple maps Crimea and Sevastopol are displayed as part of Ukraine.

Google Corporation, to which parliamentarians have made similar claim, fix a bug in its mapping service. Earlier Crimea in Google Maps for all users was listed as Ukrainian, but now for users from Russia it appears as Russian. For the rest of the world it is listed as a disputed subject.

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