January 15, 1943, completed construction of the Pentagon — the unified headquarters of the U.S. Department of defense. The legendary five-pointed building has already become a world landmark and just the largest office building in the world.

The consolidation of the Department of defense in a single room, came up to the American government, when the country began to take part in the Second world war. When the office became too cumbersome and inefficient in operation (a command in time of war promptly), the US President Franklin Roosevelt instructed to prepare for the Ministry of defence is already under construction office building near Washington, DC.

The unusual design of the Pentagon strikes so far: five floors above and two underground, five office sections, so skilfully United by corridors that anywhere in the huge building can be reached in 7 minutes. Not without black humor in the construction of the Central lawn has long been nicknamed “Ground Zero”, that is “the epicenter of a nuclear explosion” or a kind of “shoot here.” Employees of the Ministry of defense is well aware that in the event of war with the Soviet Union, the first bomb will fall on it’s military command.

During the day, the Pentagon manages to send more than 40 thousand letters and make 200 thousand phone calls. And some “attraction” of the building became prohibitive number of toilets during the construction of power conceived separate toilets “for white” and “black”. Later, from the racist idea was abandoned, and from the past intentions remained just a weird architectural feature.

Successful attack on the Pentagon once even took place in reality, not in a jingoistic movies-action movies, as is usually the case. During the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001, a passenger plane Boeing 757 rammed the left wing of the building. All 64 passengers of the airliner were killed, and the total number of victims has reached 125 people. Rumor has it that after the restoration of the building, the Pentagon has acquired unprecedented effective fire-extinguishing systems and even jammers missiles.

January 15, 1955, the Chinese government decided to develop nuclear weapons. Initially, Mao Zedong, President of China, appealed for assistance in the production of weapons to the Soviet Union, but Soviet colleagues promised only the protection of China with its nuclear Arsenal and production of such weapons abroad is not welcomed. And according to the first Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, Nikita Khrushchev, the Chinese simply would not be enough for this project financial resources and scientific potential. Therefore, China decided to act independently.

In order to quickly complete the ambitious project, the government convened a huge number of Chinese who were educated abroad. To help China, in particular, came physics and mathematics from the scientific universities in the USA.

Mao Zedong has always stressed that nuclear weapons are built in China to protect, not attack. First of all, protection from the American nuclear Arsenal. China boldly came into conflict with the Americans during the Korean war (1950-1953), and the Taiwan conflict, the protracted 1958, and for decades, also threatened a nuclear strike from the United States.

The research base for the creation of nuclear weapons was laid down in China since 1950, when it was opened the Institute of modern physics in the USSR of the delegation went to study nuclear technology.

After China has shown firmness in the conduct of hostilities against the United States, Khrushchev agreed to help Chinese engineers in research and teachings. Not free, however, and in exchange for a portion of the uranium was extracted from mines in China.

Therefore, in 1956, the Chinese government announced the creation of the atomic bomb and strategic missiles. To help engineers from China came 10 thousand Soviet specialists in nuclear research with the USSR, the country has deployed nearly a hundred research centers and a dozen test ranges.

In 1958 in China there was a nuclear testing ground, and after three years the Armed forces of the PRC was supplemented with 20 missile regiments. And as carriers of nuclear bombs the Chinese used a modified Soviet Il-28 and Tu-16.

However, then in the Soviet Union began to notice the one-sided nature of aid to China — the Chinese government had asked all new technologies, not already on mutually beneficial terms. The Chinese even refused to provide its territory for Soviet submarines were made only with the transmission of ready-made weapons, which will be managed by the government Zedong. Therefore, since the 1960s, when China became the fourth nuclear power after the USSR, USA and great Britain, relations between the Chinese and Soviet leadership lost interest.

After the termination of cooperation the development of nuclear weapons in China has slowed sharply, and a new breakthrough in technology the Chinese made only after the collapse of the USSR and industrial espionage.

January 15, 2008 Apple released the thinnest notebook — the MacBook Air. Unlike most laptops of that time with the philosophy of “everything and more”, Apple has placed emphasis on the compactness of 19.4 mm and thickness only 1,3 kg for the 13,3-inch model has been a record amount. For example, previously submitted to the MacBook (which is also considered to be one of the lightest laptops) weighed in at 2.27 kg.

A lot of buyers and almost all manufacturers-competitors met an outlandish laptop a barrage of criticism — the unthinkable in 2008, the refusal of the optical drive, the lack of connectors for connecting flash drives/mice/peripherals, removable battery and memory many were not to the taste. But the commercial success of the model was deafening, causing several years later, processor giant Intel has developed a low-voltage processors and was in charge of alternative thin MacBook variant of the compact laptops — so there were ultrabooks.

In 2016 the MacBook Air is still produced, but today, the model cannot be called avant-garde — rather it is a typical representative of the compact class of notebooks. As the ideological successor and most ambitious laptop Apple MacBook became of 2015, with outlandish yet and the only USB connector C at the base.

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