26 may 2011 Google has launched a mobile electronic payment system.Google Wallet is designed to work on smartphones with Android OS and with a module of wireless data transmission NFC. The system allows to pay for purchases in stores using a phone running a special app, he was introduced a little later, in September of the same year. At launch, the feature was only available on the Nexus S 4G, with only a contractual connection in the United States. Today, Google Wallet works on almost all smartphones with Android and NFC. Apple launched in late 2014 the same system Apple Pay, which the iPhone 6/6+ can also pay for purchases with a smartphone, but the service was initially available only in the United States.

In Russia, the service began working under the name Android Pay may 22, 2017.

26 may 1995, bill gates issued to Microsoft employees Memorandum “Tidal wave Internet”. In this text he admitted that he underestimated the potential of the global network and announced a complete change of strategy. Until the release of Windows 95 was a few months, and the press has criticized Microsoft’s lack of attention to the Internet possibilities. Then the Internet was introduced to all kind of community of scientists and few people understood the prospects.

After the Memorandum of the gates quickly in Microsoft released Internet Explorer and then inserted into Windows 95. In addition, in the summer of 1995, with Windows 95, the company released MSN information portal, and in the future a large ISP and search engine. Then in all departments of the company conducted research and was looking for ways to maximize the presence of the Corporation in Network. Never underestimate the intuition of bill gates, thanks to which Microsoft remained afloat, and its products and services compete with Netscape, AOL, Yahoo! and Google.

May 26, 2002 at Mars was discovered huge deposits of water ice. The discovery was made by Russian scientists, developers of scientific instrument HEND working aboard a research station Odyssey, which photographed the planet’s surface in the infrared spectrum. Search of water or ice on Mars was one of the main objectives of the GRS instrument complex, which consists of a gamma-ray spectrometer and two neutron detectors. On the fourth planet from the Sun was found huge deposits of ice, especially in the Antarctic part is about 5 thousand cubic meters. The opening of a large number of water ice on Mars — a very important result as for space exploration and for science in General. In addition, this finding supports the hypothesis that in history there was a period when the climate was warm and humid, and this means that there could arise and evolve life, and to look for it is precisely where lies the ice.

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