26 Dec 1982, Time magazine awarded the award “Person of the year” PC. This title (which temporarily changed to “Machine of the year”) went to no person, and the subject for the first time since its establishment in 1927. The magazine explained their choice by the fact that the computer had in 82-m to year the greatest impact on people’s lives.

In the article “the Computer comes” the editors note that the power of the PC expands almost indefinitely when they are networked, for example, through telephone (talking about the good old dial-up modems). Interestingly, the Internet in those years was still in its infancy, in the 82nd only formalized the TCP/IP Protocol, which is unthinkable without a modern Network, and the WWW (i.e. web sites) remained for 11 years.

The well-known story that originally man was supposed to become Steve jobs is one of the founders of Apple and creators of the first ever personal computer — the Apple I (although all technical issues have been solved by his friend, Steve Wozniak). Jobs claimed that was to get on the cover of Time. But came to him to interview the journalist was the same age as Steve and was supposedly stung by his success, and because gall wrote the material, not allowing the editorial staff to do the jobs the man of the year. Editors Time in one voice say that no one in the magazine and thought to rewarding jobs and that the computer and even sculpture for the cover I selected a few months before.

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