9 Mar 1611, a Dutch astronomer, Johannes Fabricius first saw the spots on the Sun. Initially, he saw the spots in the telescope, however, such observation of the Sun was very painful, so soon johanness of his father David, who is also actively interested in astronomy, he switched to observation with the camera obscura.

Of course, Johannes Fabricius was the first person who learned about the existence of sunspots, but it was he who first described this phenomenon in the book with hard-to-remember name of “Narration on Spots Observed on the Sun and their Apparent Rotation with the Sun”. The book was published 13 June 1611 and has since been considered a classic work on astronomy.

March 9, 1961, the Soviet Union launched the spacecraft “Sputnik 9”. He became the fourth space ship-companion and a prototype of the manned spacecraft “Vostok”, which in April of the same year successfully flew into space Yuri Gagarin.

On Board the spacecraft was a full-sized dummy of a man (his name was “Ivan Ivanovich”), a dog named Chernushka, as well as some mice, rats and Guinea pigs. After the successful launch of “Sputnik 9” made one revolution around the Earth and landed in the right district, 260 kilometers from the city of Kuibyshev, near the village Old Tokmak in TASSR. Flying Dustbunnies, and then a flight of a dog named Lucky, which also took place in “Ivan Ivanovich” S. let the Queen make the decision to send a man into space.

March 9, 2001 Compaq Computer has introduced two pocket PC — iPaq iPaq H3635 H3670 and. Yes, first to Compaq and then HP bought it used the small “i” in the title of their devices before the advent of the iPod/iPhone and other i-devices by Apple.

Both models iPaq and iPaq H3635 H3670, was very similar on technical characteristics. At the heart of each of them lie the processor with a clock frequency of 206 MHz. Plus both contain 16 MB of permanent memory. RAM H3670 was more — 64 MB vs 32. The older model at the start were sold for 649 dollars, Jr. — for $599.

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