April 24, 1962, the U.S. held the first transmission of satellite TV signals between cities. This event entrenched in history as the day of birth of satellite television. Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology broadcast the acronym “M. I. T.” a distance equal to ~4300 km using the NASA satellite Echo-1.

The satellite was rather primitive and done without any repeaters: it was a balloon made of thin polyester film with an aluminum coating and only reflected from the Earth received signal. Due to electrical interference in the atmosphere, the image was weak and unstable, but the fact that relay signals between two ground stations has become a huge event for civil satellite communications.

And in this day…

24 APR 1946 rose in the air the MiG-9 the first Soviet aircraft with a turbojet engine. After the Second world war, the Soviet Union gave up power to create jet technology — from abroad began to receive reports that Germany, the UK and the US already completed their development, and the technological gap was an urgent need to reduce.

The development of such machines started in 1936, but in wartime has been curtailed. After the war for the title of the first manufacturer of jet aircraft competing design office of Mikoyan, Yakovlev, Lavochkin and Dry. The confrontation resulted in the talented engineers the MiG-9 was able to perpetuate itself, rising into the air only 2 hours early is already preparing to fly the Yak-15.

In comparison with piston competitors of the MiG-9 was very high-tech fighter aircraft and the first tests showed that the aircraft is able to reach speeds of 920 km/h at an altitude of 5000 m in less than 5 minutes. The model was released in the series and was issued in the amount of 602 copies.

24 April 2009, Apple announced that apps in the App store has been downloaded over 1 billion times. Such a result, the company managed to achieve just 9 months later after the opening of the app store for the iPhone and iPod.

Shortly before Apple presented on the official website of the counter, which was a countdown, displaying each new download and the total. All users who have downloaded apps since the beginning of the campaign to overcome the threshold of 1 billion, became participants in the lottery, which was played iTunes gift card for 10 thousand dollars, the media player iPod touch device for wireless backup and storage Time Capsule and a MacBook Pro.

The first 500 million downloads were made within six months from the date of the launch of the online store App Store, and download 500 million apps it took almost two times less time.

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