An American manufacturer of clothing, jewelry, wallets, glasses and other accessories Fossil sell technology, patents and other intellectual property associated with smart watches, Google. The deal, valued at $40 million, also involves the conversion of a number of engineers Fossil to the search engine.

The agreement between Google and Fossil, reinforces the rumors about the upcoming release of smartwatches from the line Pixel. As in the case of “pixelframe”, the search engine, using experience Fossil, can produce the reference model, which will be guided by other manufacturers.

In addition, “exemplary” smart watch under the brand Google could convince the partners in the viability of OS Wear OS. In September last year the search engine released a completely new version of “manual” platform, polished interface, expanding simplifying functions and gesture control.

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However, the market put on devices dominated by Apple Watch, producers are wary Wear OS. For example, the two main rival Apple — Fibit and Samsung went its own way, choosing a policy to develop its own platform — Fitbit OS and Tizen respectively.

Fossil itself from the sector put on the electronics, however, does not go away. The manufacturer remains a team of approximately 200 people employed in research and development. “We have created and promoted the technology that has the potential to improve our platform for smart-watches,” — said Vice-President Greg McKelvey. Together with Google, our partner in innovation, we will continue to develop in the sphere of worn devices.”

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