According to the latest report of the analytical company IDC, in the third quarter of this year, global shipments of personal computers reached 67,387 million units. In comparison with last year the volume of deliveries decreased by 0.9%.

The five largest suppliers of personal computers today include Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and Apple. In the third quarter of this year, only cupertinos recorded a drop in sales. If to speak more precisely, in comparison with last year shipments of Apple computers decreased by 11.6% and now comprise 4,762 million pieces. This decline has led to reduced market share, Apple from 7.9% to 7.1%.

Some attribute the decline in demand for “Maki” with the desire of users to wait for the new models. According to rumors, in the fall of cupertinos have to introduce some novelties. It is assumed that among them will be like a new MacBook and the updated MacBook Air and maybe some desktops.

As for the other major manufacturers, the demand for their products increased. Experts explain this by the fact that many large corporate customers continue to update their computers to transfer to the new version of Windows.


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