Yesterday afternoon, Apple announced updated AirPods, who received case support wireless charging and the feature “Hey Siri”. Almost immediately after the announcement of cupertinos began taking pre-orders for the new product. But headphones quite quickly ended, and the delivery began to grow.

If we talk about the American market, delivery AirPods 2 in the normal case will have to wait at least five days. About the same is shipping and the new case with support for wireless charging. Themselves AirPods with a new case Apple promises to begin to deliver not earlier than in a week.

In Russia the delivery time even more. For example, the most expensive “kit” of new headphones and case support wireless charging, which is 16 990 rubles, users will have to wait at least two weeks. About the same time frame expectations headphones in the normal case and a separate case with support for wireless charging.

It should be noted that such demand is not surprising. Original AirPods from the beginning enjoyed great popularity. And it persisted for several years.


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