MOSCOW, 18 sen — PRIME. The demand for the new iPhone on the first day of pre-orders were significantly higher than last year, some of the sellers observed fold increase, told RIA Novosti the representatives of the largest retailers.

September 10, Apple unveiled three new smartphones — the iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. Pre-orders for them started in Russia on September 18 (in other countries started from September 13), sales will begin on 20 September at the same time with other countries. The price of the iPhone 11 will be from 59,99 thousand rubles, iPhone Pro from 89,99 thousand rubles, iPhone Pro Max from to 99.99 thousand rubles. The most expensive smartphone — iPhone 11 Pro Max with a storage capacity of 512 gigabytes will cost 131,99 thousand rubles.

Pre-orders for new products from Apple was launched in Russia at 00.01 hours on 18 September and exceeded last year’s level.

“In “M. Video” and “Eldorado” for the first hours, the demand this year several times exceeded the level of pre-orders last year, but it is worth considering that this year, the entire line started at the same time, in 2018 models iPhone iPhone XS and XR were run at different times,” — said the press service of the group “M. Video-Eldorado”.

Re:Store the results of the first day of pre-orders saw a significant increase in demand for new Apple products. “iPhone and iPhone 11 11 Pro showed a twofold increase compared with the products of last year over the same period. Also high demand for iPhone 11 compared to the iPhone Xr”, — said the representative of the retailer Lyudmila Semushina.

“In a retail network of MTS pre-orders of iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and 11 Pro Max has exceeded all expectations. By 11.00 am there were left more applications for the purchase of new smartphones than on XS and XS is Max for the entire first day of sales a year ago. To date, pre-orders of this year are twice the demand last year for the same period of time”, — said the representative of MTS Alexey Merkulov. According to him, the high demand for new items due to a major improvement in the capabilities of the camera, increasing autonomy, as well as great offers from MTS.

“We see significant growth in the number przekazanych and paid for a new iPhone. Compared to the number of pre-orders of new products in 2018 for the same period grew by one third,” — said the press service of “Beeline”.

Retailers are also told which models were the most popular on the first day of pre-order. For example, in “M. Video-Eldorado” the most popular smartphone in the framework of pre-orders — iPhone 11 128 GB in black color. Re:Store the maximum number of orders had on the iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro 11 Pro Max with average and maximum amount of memory in the colors dark green and gray space. In retail MTS more than half of buyers choose iPhone 11 Pro with 256GB of internal memory. The most popular color was green, and the least likely to leave a pre-order for iPhone 11 yellow. The greatest demand among buyers, “Beeline” use iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max memory is 256 GB and 512 GB.

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