It is expected that in September next year, the cupertinos will release a smartphone in a new design. Your vision updated iPhone showed the well-known insider and designer Ben Gaskin (Ben Geskin), published in Twitter the concept 12.

The concept of the next Apple smartphone was created based on the existing rumors and speculation. In the end, the device has a rectangular side face recessed into the housing module cameras, and lost a cutout in the screen. Gaskin notes that the work on the concept he helped Azis GAUS (Aziz with an LCD TV), known under the nickname @smazizg.

Here’s new concept for Apple’s iPhone 2020 12 🔥

Rumors suggest that Apple will introduce the 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch OLED iPhone with dual-camera setup and 5G, with design similar to the iPhone 4. So that’s what @smazizg and I made 😁🙌🏻

We hope you like it! and RT 👀

— Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) December 23, 2019

The insider notes that next year cupertinos can show iPhone 12 with screens 5.4 and 6.1 inches. In the design of new products will be used by some elements of classic iPhone. In particular, Apple needs to go back to the straight side edges and glass enclosures.

If you believe the analysts, then next year cupertinos should not only update the design of their smartphones, but also add to their support networks of the fifth generation. The latter feature, according to some experts, will become one of the main “drivers” of sales of the next-generation iPhone.


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