The last few releases of macOS have not brought about any dramatic changes. In particular, the cupertinos have not made any changes in the appearance of their desktop operating system. While his vision about design macOS share only enthusiasts. For example, recently in the network appeared the concept following a global update of Apple’s desktop OSes.

According to the designer of camera Adana, Apple’s past time to think about updating the appearance of the macOS. The designer believes that the cupertinos is to lead the design of their operating systems to a single style. As a kind of standard Avdan chose iOS.

Designer completely redrew most of the icons and changed the design of the Windows. Last lost a large number of items, old fonts and the drop down menu. In addition, the desktop appeared widgets.

Processing undergone and some other elements of the system. In particular, the interface of the voice assistant and its capabilities, as well as a menu of multitasking. In the latter case, the designer was inspired by horizontal carousel, which is now available on iPad.

It is difficult to say a few ideas of camera Adana are viable. Opinions on the new concept of the macOS was divided one it seems very interesting, while others do not like.


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