During the announcement macOS Catalina Apple paid a lot of attention to technology Project Catalyst, which was supposed to help third-party developers to port their apps from iOS to Mac. The cupertinos promised that the process will be very simple. However, the reality was not so rosy.

According to the developers, Project Catalyst does not provide the “ease” which was promised by Apple. In the process of migrating applications from one platform to another has to be done. Most problems arise with the adaptation of the interface. The developers note that Project Catalyst really gets rid of large amounts of source code.

In fact, now about the difficulties in working with new technology, say, as independent developers and the owners of the studios. For example, according to the authors of the popular Twitter client, Tweetbot, is now not much point in Project Catalyst no. Technology slightly facilitates the process of porting applications between platforms. However, neither of which the simplicity of the question.

Cupertinos have so far refrained from comment.


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