Developers of applications for Apple devices Donald Cameron and company Pure Sweat Basketball has filed a lawsuit against the Corporation, accusing it of monopolizing the market for apps, according to Reuters.

The plaintiffs are convinced that selling the applications only through the official App Store is “anti-competitive practice”. Charged by company a 30% Commission from sales of applications, and the need to finish prices apps 99 cents contribute to unreasonably high prices.

The developers have compared in its lawsuit, Apple retailer-monopolist, which pays its suppliers at an artificially low wholesale prices.

“The competitive market will bring the best post-consignment or wholesale prices, as well as more than a fair profit for the developers of digital products”, — quotes Agency of the plaintiffs.

Previously, the Agency [has learned] ( about the impending US authorities anti-monopoly investigation against the largest technological corporations — Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. the purpose of the investigation is to check whether these abuse their market position.

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