Developers of applications for Apple Inc. said that I think the non-competitive practice of selling apps for the iPhone exclusively through the official App Store. In this regard, they are sent to the Federal court for the Northern district of California lawsuit, which accused the Corporation of monopolizing the market.

The plaintiffs said that Apple charges a 30% Commission from the income of the developers from sales on the App Store. In addition, they are dissatisfied with the policy limited pricing, under which the Corporation requires that the installed application creators prices ended in 99-th cents.

This allows Apple to inflate the price as it does not allow to set the cost of the app with a step increase less than $1. According to the plaintiffs, the situation is similar to the practice of purchasing a retailer-monopolist of products from wholesale suppliers at artificially low prices, “Interfax”.

Earlier wrote that the Apple Corporation does not apply to monopolists. This was stated by its CEO Tim cook. Apple, he said, does not have a dominant position in any market. The share of smartphone sales in the United States is not more than 35% of the total, and computers — even less.

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