The developers of Apple you can imagine VR glasses in 2020
Apple has not yet named the exact date of the release of points of virtual reality of its own design. However, many sources hint that the output VR glasses can be held next year.

Recently there were reports that Apple has suspended the development of such a product. But these rumors have not been confirmed.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the glasses will be presented a wide publique in the second quarter of 2020. Moreover, the mass production of the product on iOS operating system 13 starts this year.

Many experts believe that the developers of team Apple will revolutionize. Most likely, VR glasses will not be able to function independently from a smartphone.

The user will need to create a network of points and mobile devices to exchange data.

It is possible that virtual reality glasses could replace the smartphone in a number of functions. In addition, their owner will be able to use the smartphone even when the phone is in his pocket.

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