Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo has urged the U.S. government not to increase duties on Chinese goods. According to manufacturers of consoles, it will cause damage to not only the gaming market, but in General the us economy. The authors of the statement published on the official website of the government of the United States.

As stated by the representatives of the companies, 96% of gaming consoles the US imports it from China. Thus, if you increase prices by 25%, American consumers will spend 840 million dollars more. This will lead to losses in the economy by approximately 350 million.

According to the calculations of companies, the increase in customs duties will also hurt individual entrepreneurs, independent developers of video games and accessories, as product sales will fall sharply.

“The supply of game consoles was formed in China for many years is the result of numerous investments by our companies and partners. Full transfer of production to the U.S. or another country will seriously harm the supply and increase the cost of production, the creation of which the already marginally profitable”, —said in a statement manufacturers.

It is emphasized that each gaming console are made of many intricate parts that come from different countries. Therefore, the change of providers bears the risk of reducing the quality of the product and threatens the safety of users.

For several months between China and the United States continues trade war. In may, the us Department of Commerce introduced the Huawei in the black list, has also imposed duties on Chinese goods.

Meanwhile it became known that the American Corporation Apple intends to transfer part of its production to India or other countries in South-East Asia.

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