Experts antivirus company “Kaspersky Lab” found evidence that a small company Negg involved in the creation of spyware programs and state-sponsored, have developed a “special malware for iOS that allows you to track the GPS and record the sound.”

“We found embedded in the iOS malware component. To our knowledge, at the time of detection, the program was still under development. The malware was not fully adapted to attack potential victims”, — explained the situation MotherBoard Alexei First, the expert of “Kaspersky Lab”.

It is not surprising that many governments are willing to spend a decent amount on tools for hacking mobile Apple operating system. For example, Saudi Arabia paid $55 million for a custom malware for the iPhone, which has made the Israeli company the NSO Group.

Some reports also show that companies are now willing to pay in the neighborhood of $3 million for jailbreaking or hacking the iPhone. Thus, pursuing the obvious benefits, an increasing number of developers spyware and malware will find a way to hack iOS.

Experts already quite quickly find any kind of gaps in the system. So, pustya only two days after the release of iOS 12 does not have to wait long and the corresponding jailbreak the mobile operating system from Apple. Experts Alibaba Group published version of the jailbreak that will work even after a device reboot.

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