Today representatives of the company CD Projekt RED has shared their plans for migrating collectible card game “Quint” on the mobile platform. While developers are not ready to name any specific dates. However, we know that to the virtual shelves of Apple app store “Quint” must get this year.

According to project leader Jason Slama, CD Projekt RED is pretty much ready to transfer to your card games from the universe of the Witcher to mobile devices. Primarily this was due to some technical difficulties. In particular, developers had to adapt a large part of the technology for smartphones and tablets, including client GOG Galaxy, which supports multiplayer “QUINTA”.

While representatives of CD Projekt RED do not share any details. For this reason, it is unknown whether the mobile version of “QUINTA” to have some constraints or features.

Recall that the company CD Projekt RED has announced that its trading card game back in the summer of 2016. In the autumn of that same year started the beta testing of the project, and a full release a Windows version of the game took place only on 23 October 2018. On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “Quint” was released on 4 December.


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