A court in India has demanded to seek the removal of the app to create your own videos TikTok from AppStore and Google Play. As reported by Indian newspaper the Economic Times, the decision was made due to the presence at the site of pornography and indecent content.

The court addressed a request to the Ministry of communications and information technologies of India, which, in turn, ordered Apple and Google to remove the app from their online stores. According to the source of TechCrunch in India while the app is still available on smartphones.

If the company will meet the Indian Department, that download the app will be impossible. However, previously downloaded TikTok users will be able to continue to use it. According to one source The Economic Times while the company did not answer to the Ministry.

The Creator of the application, the Chinese company ByteDance said that he could not be responsible for the actions of third parties who use the app. In ByteDance stressed that the decision of the Indian authorities, “discrimination and arbitrariness”, the violation of the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression.

TikTok popular among the youth of India, said the publication. According to him, the most app used by teenagers and younger children, especially in small towns. On TikTok paid close attention in other countries. USA, UK and Indonesia have also expressed concerns in respect of the application in connection with the availability of pornography and possible pedophiles among users.

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