Register IP and LLC fully online now, you can use the remote registration service business, which was developed by the company “Business environment” of the ecosystem of the savings Bank. As explained in the message of the credit organization, it has become possible with the release of the updates for mobile devices with IOS operating system; previously, starting a business online was only available for Android users.

Registering service business, we launched the “Business environment” in may 2018. It allows you to open IE and LLC with one founder, no tax visits in the comfort of your home or office. It’s enough to be a user of the system “Sberbank Online”, to have a Russian passport, biometric passport, SNILS and smartphone with NFC function.

To fill, send, sign, and obtain necessary documents through the service completely online. “This functionality distinguishes the service Business environment from existing services, which will continue to require meeting with an employee of the Bank or courier”, — stated in the release.

To register a business using the service need to take four steps:

go to the website to choose the registration form: PI or LLC;

to register and enter personal data and data about the business;

to download copies of the documents and to choose the system of taxation;

to obtain a digital signature and sign documents in the mobile app service.

“Previously, to register a business online could only users of devices with Android operating system. However, with the release of updates for mobile devices with IOS third-party applications have access to use the NFC chip of iPhones to exchange information with different sources. This update allowed the developers of the service to make available starting a business online for owners of Apple devices, and thus make the process of registering a business easier for even a larger number of entrepreneurs”, — noted in the savings Bank.

According to the Director of the promising projects of JSC “Business environment” by Nikolai Bogdanov, to date, the number of open businesses using the service has exceeded 20 thousand, amounting to 4% of the total number of registrations in Russia.

Sberbank pay attention to the speed of online business registration: filing of documents it takes about 15 minutes and the registration from three to five working days from the moment of signing of documents. With the current year when applying for a business registration in electronic form do not need to pay the stamp duty savings at the expense of it is from 800 to 4 thousand rubles depending on the selected registration forms (SP or LLC). To make business possible without a notary and powers of attorney that also allows you to save, follows from release.

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