Install on iPhone 5s the eighth beta version of iOS 12, which was released in the middle of this week, actually returns the smartphone to life. This proved a leading YouTube channel iAppleBytes writing confirming a video in which he compares the flagship 2013 on the basis of actual beta build and iOS 11.4.1.

For the first time iPhone 5s is running the beta version of iOS 12, involved faster than on iOS 11.4.1. Because iAppleBytes upload video without gluing, it is easy to calculate that the difference in favor of the model on the basis of preliminary build of the operating system is almost 20 seconds.

How has the performance of iOS 8 beta 12

Performance iOS 12 beta 8 also shows the example of operation of the interface. As promised at the presentation, the keyboard appears almost in beta at the time of launch. The same occurs when you press the “Share” in the Photos app and when you launch the camera.

But in the superiority of synthetics 12 beta iOS 8 over iOS 11.4.1 turned out to be not so obvious. In two of the three benchmarks stable version of OS from Apple walked — albeit slightly — the test Assembly of almost all indicators.


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