But it seems that recently the iPhone 5 was a hit.

The legendary iPhone 5, which is often recognized by fans of the Apple smartphone with perfect design, officially included in the list of obsolete devices. Today Apple has completely dropped support for the smartphone.

the iPhone 5 was released in late 2012 and received a fresh update until the summer of 2017. The latest IOS for iPhone 5 is iOS 10.3.3 — after Apple stopped releasing new versions of iOS for “five”. Official sales of the smartphone ended two years earlier.

Now Apple has acknowledged the iPhone 5 obsolete device. This means that the company will cease to send to authorized service center accessories for the iPhone 5. In this regard, the repair of the smartphone will soon remain possible only in private service centers.

According to the latest statistical calculations, the world remains a lot of iPhone 5 users. The average percentage of iPhone 5 in all countries is 1.45 percent, which is quite a lot, provided that the smartphone came out six years ago.

Source: Apple.


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