The future is near.

In the framework of the innovation strategy “Digital economy” in Russia is planned to transfer to a new passport. The electronic passport will combine personal data from key documents of the Russian passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, social security number and driver’s license. In addition, it will contain unique biometric information — fingerprints, impression 3D-face model and a digital signature.

Electronic passport of the citizen of Russia will be of a plastic card with a chip, similar in size to a conventional credit card. The electronic passport will provide its owner free access to state services and registries, and also provide an opportunity to take significant legal action.

According to experts, all the citizen will be recorded in a special profile. This will greatly simplify the interaction of Russians with the state authorities when performing complex queries. For example, to obtain a permit to own a firearm will become easier as the necessary information may be requested in a single click.

It is expected that by the end of 2018 proposals in the framework of the concept of the electronic passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation will be issued in the form of the bill. The transition will cost the country approximately 114,4 billion. A large part of the sum is planned to collect at the expense of the state duty paid by the Russians during the exchange of the classic paper passport electronic.

Source: Statements.


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