Apple held its regular presentation at the conference of developers WWDC 2019, which have shown new software and a powerful computer “Profi”. However, it was not without a fly in the ointment. That “Apple” didn’t show and how upset the fans — in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

In the framework of the conference for developers of Apple WWDC 2019, the company introduced updates to its numerous operating systems. First of all, we are talking about the iOS update 13. OS finally got dark mode, new security protocols, and more intelligent Siri, which now says almost human voice because of the technology of neural networks.

Apple watch has also received an upgrade watchOS 6, through which the gadget has become more independent and now practically does not depend on the iPhone. For example, in the clock has its own App Store, which you can use to download apps without using a smartphone.

Own operating system received iPads, called iPad OS.

Now at the forefront of tablets from Apple is multitasking — the company intends to promote the iPad as a replacement for the classic laptop. It is reported that surf the Internet using the iPad will be as easy as using a laptop, due to the optimization of web sites to fit the screen.

MacOS also had an update called the Catalina, to replace last year’s Mojave. One of the interesting changes can be noted control a laptop with your voice, and use iPad as second display for Mac. In addition, the opportunity to find your lost MacBook via Bluetooth.

Also in macOS Catalina will be introduced Project Catalyst, which creates apps for Mac-based apps for the iPad.

Apple unveiled a completely redesigned Mac Pro, which may be of interest to fans of powerful cars — 28 cores Intel Xeon processors, 1.5 terabytes of internal memory, eight PCI ports, the ability to install four Radeon Pro Vega II, as well as support from six screens. Price Mac Pro — from $5999, but for the display will have to pay $4999. In selling the device will appear in autumn 2019.

Of course, not without its negatives. If about “death” iTunes Apple mentioned in passing, and we were ready for it before the presentation, the end of the iPhone 6 remained completely unnoticed.

When iOS 13 will be released in the fall of 2019, it will be incompatible with the “six”.

It was not a revelation, as is the natural cycle in the market of mobile devices, but it is impossible not to mention, given the large percentage of people who still use the iPhone 6. Next in line for oblivion is the iPhone 6S. As noted by Mashable, this will be the last iPhone with a Jack for your headphones that still gets operating system updates.

The other disappointment was the lack of news about prices for Apple TV+, which was shown in March of this year. Despite the fact that WWDC is dedicated to developers and apps, not services, at the beginning of the presentation the audience was shown a trailer of the series “For all mankind”, which will be available to those who subscribe to Apple TV+. To evaluate the need and usefulness of this subscription for now, as it is still unknown the cost.

This claim is for game Apple Arcade — remains almost unknown, including the cost of the subscription.

We should also mention the Mac Pro, presented during the presentation. First of all, social media users made fun of its design, comparing with a grater for cheese and vegetables.

And for $5999 this can be yours! #WWDC19— 𝙳𝚊𝚗 (@AlmCode) 3 Jun 2019

In addition, many were surprised by the high price of the device. Of course, this computer for professionals with the power that you do not need a wide range of users. However, the starting price of the Mac Pro is $6 million, which is decent, even for the “Apple”. According to The Verge, in the maximum configuration, the computer cost can reach $45 million (almost 3 million rubles at the current exchange rate). Users also angered stand for display not included in kit and sold separately at a price of $999.

#WWDC19 anyone who buys a $999 stand should be slapped with it for being stupid— 🆉🅴🅿🅱🅻🅰🅲🅺🆂🆃🅰🆁 (@zepblackstar) 3 Jun 2019

“Anyone who buys a stand for $999, you need to hit her in the face for stupidity” — says user @zepblackstar.

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