In the US, many of the delivery services leave packages on the porch. It became a real problem — each year millions of Americans face the kidnappers parcels. Everyone is trying to deal with thieves in their own way. Here’s what was invented by mark Rober, a former NASA engineer.

The man made contraption — apparently it looked like “smart” column from Apple. Under the package thief got a nasty surprise — after opening the parcel, a special mechanism would sprinkle glitter in different directions. Another kind of “bomb” for 30 seconds sprays a smelly substance. In his video mark says:

“I thought. Who doesn’t love sequins! And added a little more.”

Inside the parcel were also installed cameras mark could see the reaction of the thieves. They are included upon opening the box, record the video and upload it to the cloud. Robert suggested that after the sequin and spray thieves immediately throw his invention. So he installed a GPS tracking system.

On the box the kidnappers waited for the small Easter eggs — in the sender’s address was the name of Kevin McCallister, the protagonist of the film “home Alone”.

Mark Rober published on the channel ten video. In it he described how to create a bomb, and also showed the footage in the box — the reaction of the thieves is just awesome.

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