Sberbank has provided its customers with access to various services of its ecosystem through a single account. On this innovation, the savings Bank has informed, in particular, on the page in sotsseti “Vkontakte”, explaining that “Sberbank ID” is the universal key of the client to the personal account in the Bank’s services and its partners.

“Sberbank ID” works about as Apple ID or Google account. The customer will not have to separately register and create a login and password at every site in the ecosystems of the savings Bank. “Sberbank ID” employ in the service “Sberbank Online”, “Thank you from Sberbank”, “Doclick”, DocDoc, SberKids and others.

Customers who have a login and password from “Sberbank Online” can use them as “Sberbank ID”. Those who do not use online banking, you can create your “Sberbank ID”.

The Bank reminded that for security purposes you should verify that the address bar is to enter login and password only to sites ecosystem “Sberbank” — and make sure the connection was secure. The Bank also recommends when you log in to your account to use public Wi-Fi networks.

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