The European Commission again raises the issue of creating a single standard charger smartphones. About it reports Reuters.

Each year humanity dumps 51 000 tons of old chargers. EC representatives believe that the introduction of a single standard for all manufacturers of mobile electronics will reduce the amount of e-waste.

For the first time of the possibility of uniform charging began in 2009. Then, the European Commission addressed 13 leading companies that produce mobile phones, asking them to bring their charger to a common mind and to abandon proprietary connectors in favor of USB. On the development of the standard were given two years.

All manufacturers, except Apple, have complied with this order. The company from Cupertino, in turn, was limited to the introduction of adapters to connect a micro-USB to proprietary ports company.

“Given the unsatisfactory progress in a voluntary transition, the Commission will soon begin a study on the costs and benefits of other options,” — said the European Commissioner for competition, Margrethe Vestager.

Under “other options” that Apple refers to the transition to the USB standard and the abandonment of the Lightning connectors, as the company Tim cook is the only one in the industry uses them.

If Apple and this time not listen to the recommendations Vestager, the company can expect trouble. Led by Margret division of the European Commission recently fined Google for $ 5 billion.

One of the reasons why Apple is in no hurry to abandon its own ports, is licensing. For each accessory, device or the connecting element with the logo MFI manufacturers of mobile electronics are required to pay approximately $ 4. Therefore, the transition to connectors USB type-C could have cost Apple quite a tangible amount.


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