The European Union has developed an economic program providing for the introduction of large-scale customs duties on American goods, and promoting the development of European technology companies, told Politico.

In the order of publication was 173-page document, which the authors have set a goal to resist trade policy of US President Donald trump, and American technology giants Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, reports TASS.

According to the plans of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen as the new head of the European Commission will establish a European future Fund, which would invest more than $ 100 billion in shares of promising companies in Europe. This step, according to the authors of the document, will help European companies to compete with American and Chinese technology giants.

The document stresses that the EU needs to demonstrate greater resolve in the area of trade and to impose unilateral tariffs on goods from the United States.

The article also noted that after the British exit the European Union will be free to conduct a more interventionist economic policy, which France and Germany have long supported.

The publication said that the proposed economic program of the EU is still under consideration.

Recall that in early August, the President of the United States Donald trump has promised to introduce customs duties on European cars, if EU countries “will not be fair” to the American goods in respect of which the European Union has imposed “enormous barriers”.

In addition, in July, the US threatened the French response for the taxation of the American digital giants, who are faced with the need to pay taxes in the EU. In this regard, trump has promised to respond to “stupid Rules” by imposing a tax on French wine.

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