EU braced for the fight against trade policies of U.S. President Donald trump. The Europeans are going to hit where it hurts the American economy. RIA FAN said the expert of the international Institute of humanitarian-political studies, political analyst Vladimir Bruter.

Westerners intend to impose new duties on American goods.

“But not for the fact that it’s all going to happen. The American leader Donald Trump is invited, too, to behave within certain rules. Besides, trump knows about the plans of the Europeans,” said Bruter.

He noted that trump already prokomentirovat intentions of the Europeans, dividing the company into good and bad. To the first he took an American organization, the second European. However, it was his usual reaction, he added Bruter.

Previously, the European Union has prepared an “aggressive” plan on page 173. He directed against trade policies trump and American tech giants Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook. According to plan, the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen needs to establish the European Foundation for the future. Its tasks will include investing in European companies with high potential. According to the authors, this step will allow Europe to compete with American and Chinese technology corporations.

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