The European Commission believes that Google monopolisitic market with Android and wants to fine the company for three billion dollars – according to PhoneArena.

The investigation began in 2013 after the filing of the complaint FairSearch. She lobbied several companies, including Oracle and Microsoft – they do not accept that Google is forcing manufacturers to use the Android default search engine Google Search and Google Chrome browser.

In response to the charge of monopolization of the market the representatives of Google has published in his blog statement. According to it, devices that using mobile operating system, developers often install third party applications, than to the gadgets of its competitors.

iPhone, for example, only comes with the Apple utilities. According to Kent Walker, senior Vice President of Google, manufacturers are not required to use the pre-installed application. But the comparison with Apple did not help Google, as the EU does not consider iOS in the role of competitor to Android.

In addition, the IT giant said that thanks Google Search and Chrome, the developers don’t have to pay for the license. This allows companies to sell their gadgets at a lower price – obviously, this is beneficial for consumers.

In any case, the outcome will be known with time. Probably, Google is still a lot of litigation.


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