The antitrust Commission has fined Google for $ 5 billion. This is the largest fine received not only Google, but any other company, writes The Verge.

Since last year, the European Commission started to verify the claims of manufacturers about solicitations by Google. As a result, the Commission found that Google impeded other companies to strengthen its dominant position.

Google forbade manufacturers to install Google Play Store without the Google Chrome browser and Google search by default. The company has let the producers who wanted to use alternative versions of Android. Google also paid to large producers to their smartphones default Google search.

The European Commission decided to ban Google from resorting to such methods. If the company refuses to do so within 90 days, they will receive penalties of 5% of daily revenue. Google representatives disagreed with the Commission’s decision and will appeal it. The company also noted that this decision may impact on a free business model of Android.

“Android has given a lot of choices, not less. Bright ecosystem, rapid innovation, and lower prices are the classic signs of robust competition,” The Verge said a Google spokesperson.

Android was originally a system of open source. But Google gradually adds key components in their software Google Play Services. Therefore, the majority of Android smartphones outside of China come with the programs and services of Google.


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