Apple tried to buy a service for music recognition Shazam from December 2018. But anti-monopoly service has postponed the deal. Fortunately for Apple, this will change soon.

Shazam is a well – known utility that can figure out the name of any song playing on the radio or in a nearby vehicle by using the microphone of the iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple is likely to want to buy this product is to introduce it into Apple Music. And thereby strengthen its position in the war with Spotify and other music services.

For this reason, the European Commission did not allow Apple to complete the transaction. Some of the staff of the Commission considered that such purchase may significantly harm the competitors of the Corporation. In particular, Spotify.

After several months of investigation in the European Union decided that the deal will not prevent fair competition of the two brands. So will Apple allow to buy Shazam in the near future.

Perhaps the decision of Antimonopoly service has affected indicators of both companies in the market of music streaming. Now Spotify 83 million paid subscribers. It is approximate two times more than the Apple Music around the world.


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