Smartphone sales in China in the second quarter fell 6%, according to the portal IXBT.
Over the past year also recorded a slowdown in consumer activity. The market leader, Huawei managed to increase sales by 27%, but other manufacturers have shown weaker results. Xiaomi sales in China decreased by 19%, and Apple — 6%. Experts believe that the decline in consumer interest in these popular goods indicates a worsening of the situation in the second largest economy in the world.

“Chinese economic statistics are often criticized for lack of reliability, but the drop in sales of smartphones are objectively indicates that the Chinese economy is clearly growing problems, says economist, Professor Ranhigs Sergei hestanov. — What is their true scale and what they will bring, we learn only after the fact. However, the fall of the smartphone market in China — further evidence that the world is gradually approaching another cyclical crisis.”

As reported by “invest-foresight”, China’s economy in the second quarter of this year slowed to the lowest levels since 1990 (6.2 per cent). The Chinese authorities recognized that the country “goodbye to rapid growth”.

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