Apple has unveiled the next lineup of their mobile phones, which broke out around traditional information a stir in the network. Product prices the new iPhones range from 60 to 130 thousand rubles. “Evening Moscow” has decided to find out what will pay the users of new iPhones, if they have clear advantages over last year’s models and smartphones from other manufacturers.

His opinion with the “Evening Moscow” said the expert on mobile devices Size Media Alexander Pobyvaet. Speaking about IPhone 11, he noted that for less money you can buy an Android with similar characteristics.

— The phone is still equipped with a low power PSU, as the old IPhone. You can mention that they have LCD screen instead of OLED, as in more expensive models. The third disadvantage is the price. The phone is good, but if you compare with similar models on the Android for the same money, the IPhone turns out expensive. Although by the standards Apple is not the most expensive device pertaining to a good, solid middle class.

One of the advantages of Pobyvaet noted the appearance of an extra, second camera. Technical stuffing has become as more expensive models, there is a new, powerful processor. The advantages can be attributed to colors — externally, the phones in this series are always very shining flowers, and in this generation included new colors, he said.

More powerful, and therefore expensive models this year introduced the IPhone and 11Pro 11 Pro Max, which has more powerful processors than the previous generation. These phones will hold a charge longer, said Pobyvaet. Also in the kit added fast charging at 18 watts.

From advantages: the new system of three cameras. In one of the future updates of iOS, Apple promises to add a feature: before you press the trigger will be done four pictures and four after you, and another on a separate exposure. There are nine frames that are processed in one good shot in low-light conditions — said Pobyvaet. — Cons: Controversial color scheme. Phones got the green color, looks interesting, but Apple chose this time frosted glass. But could come up with something fun. Then, as in the previous paragraph, of the cons is the price.

According to the expert, to buy a new iPhone to those who took last year’s version, it makes no sense.

— Buy the course, you can change the phone features, but in practice you hardly will feel it. The point is if you really take a lot of photos or want to shoot video in high quality. Or in the case of fashion factor, when you put the phone on the table and everyone who understands will understand that you have a new IPhone. From a pragmatic point of view — buying a new phone, you will not feel the difference from last year. Will be interesting to wait a year or two, when your XS and will become obsolete by new models you will be able to feel the difference when experiencing the pleasure of buying the new gadget, and not when I opened the box, looked, and there all the same. Just enjoy not feeling any emotions, — said Alexander Pobyvaet.

If you assess the characteristics, even the most expensive IPhone model is not much different from flagship smartphones from other manufacturers.

— If we compare the new IPhone is on the characteristics, here in General we can choose any flagship Android and it will not be worse in picture quality, camera, sound, battery and kit. They have a lot of interesting things, but the main plus of the IPhone is iOS. This highly secure system, which includes the FaceID and ApplePay. These are the parameters on which Android can’t catch up with the IPhone. Characteristics can buy a phone better, but the flagships of different companies have their flaws, — concluded the expert.

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