Chief editor of the magazine “Mobile telecommunications” Leontiy Bukstein in an interview with the news Agency “national news service” stated that Chinese manufacturers of smartphones captured the Russian market — according to experts, the devices from China combine the two most important aspects: the low price and high quality.

“Quality is ensured because the smartphone market with the poor quality of nothing to do at all — because the manufacturers many. Second — the Chinese spare no innovations, they all you can put in the line: chips, gadgets, interesting”, — said Bukstein.

He added that Chinese smartphones covering all price segments in the market so that the consumer audience is covered “top to bottom”.

Also Bukstein said that some brands of other countries simply can not compete with China. In the example of the journalist led LG.

“To kill a serious Chinese manufacturers impossible. Chinese smartphones not only in Russia but around the world sell well”, — said the expert.

Earlier “Kommersant” reported that the leadership of LG has decided to leave the smartphone segment of the Russian market. According to analysts, deliveries of the brand in Russia fell from 2017, currently retailers sell the remains.

Earlier it became known that on 10 September in the Theatre of Steve jobs in Cupertino Apple will unveil their new products. According to media reports, talking about three new iPhone (the line Pro iPhones), as well as updated iPad, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch. Also, the Corporation will present new models of accessories, including headphones AirPods and “smart” column with the HomePod.

The characteristics of the new Apple devices are already known. In particular, improved water resistance devices and work Face ID.

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