The creation of the European Union program for combating unilateral economic and trade policy of the United States naturally, as the Europeans are unhappy with the course the American President Donald trump. To “achieve autonomy” from Washington will be difficult because of the problem of the common market. This “Economy today”, said leading researcher of the Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences Sergei Fedorov.

Previously, the newspaper Politico reported that the European Union has developed an economic program providing for the imposition of unilateral tariffs on American goods, and promote the development of private technology companies. The authors of the document have as their goal the opposition to the trade policies of U.S. President Donald trump and major U.S. technology companies Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook. It is planned that the elected head of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leinen will need to establish a European future Fund, which would invest more than $ 100 billion in the shares of promising European companies. The developers of the document also connect certain hopes with the UK out of the EU. Writes Politico, in this case, the EU will be able freely to pursue interventionist economic policies.

“This trend in European politics is obvious, as after coming to power in Washington of President of the United States Donald trump in American politics went entirely unpredictable processes that scare Europe,” — says Fedorov.

According to him, this is what caused the creation of this document, and related European strategic plans.

The Europeans are interested to “weaken the American stranglehold” over the EU and preparation of appropriate measures is a strategic objective. At the same time, the EU is interested in the American domestic market. In Brussels do not want to spoil relations with Washington, it is about the protection of the collective interests.

The expert explained that in the us market work with almost all the leading European companies. Building its policy, the EU will take into account that the US has enough levers of influence on the old continent.

“The very preparation of such a document does not cause any issues, since it is quite logical. At the same time to achieve autonomy from the US to the EU will be very difficult that rests in the problem of the common market, and other structures that almost tightly connects the old continent and American foreign policy”, — said Fedorov.

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