MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. Military expert Andrei Frolov called American fighter fifth generation F-35 Lightning II “iPhone” in comparison with the Russian su-57.

The expert believes the F-35 is more “digital”, which makes him vulnerable. In his opinion, American fighter by analogy with the smartphone might be useless toy or a pile of expensive iron without “a constant connection to Apple Store and regular updates”.

“The manufacturer may at any time to lock the software. Possibilities of the su-57 is classified, but I think he’s not so “digital” like the F-35,” he writes in “Izvestia”.

Frolov also believes that the American fighter a lot of design flaws, which the Russian aircraft there. For example, the F-35 bombs placed on external suspension, and because of this loss of stealth.

“The F-35 was originally designed as a universal aircraft for all three branches of the armed forces — Navy, air force, and marine corps. This had an impact on the specifics of its layout, which eventually became the most successful” — concluded Frolov.

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