The magazine “Forbes” introduced the study of the system of recognition of persons of more modern smartphones. In it took part the Samsung Galaxy S9, Note8, OnePlus 6, iPhone X LG ThinQ G7. The results showed that only the device manufacturer “Apple” can recognize a “fake” owner.

For testing on a 3D printer printed a picture of the behalf of one of the editors. However, its creation has been spent over 300 pounds (about $ 377 USD), since the pictures were taken in a special Studio.

According to the results of the experiment, all smartphones have failed the test of the system Face ID. Only iPhone X did not succumb to this Ruse and have been released.

Of course, such a model is quite difficult to create without special equipment, but these tests still needs to push developers to think about strengthening the protection of their gadgets.

Previously, we reported that the iPhone X re-entered.

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