Federal Antimonopoly service launched an investigation into the actions of Apple in the market of distributing applications for iOS. In a press-service of the Ministry said that the developer of the antivirus “Kaspersky Lab” faced with an unreasonable deviation of the versions of parental control Kaspersky Safe Kids. As a result, she lost a substantial part of the functionality.

At the same time Apple introduced its own app which opportunities match with the products of the Russian anti-virus company. Claims to the American Corporation Business FM said the head of the office for intellectual property “Kaspersky Lab” Nadezhda Kashchenko.

Nadezhda Kashchenko head of intellectual property, “Kaspersky Lab” “At the end of last year, Apple users may have noticed a program Screen Time, which came with the operating system upgrade. Booted the system the device without user consent. And good enough functionality is similar to parental control programs independent developers. But at the time, as all developers have the opportunity to distribute such a program via the App Store, Apple along with updating immediately put users. We understand that Apple uses its position in the market and creates barriers for others and preference for their product. Around the same time Apple started to remove our products from the publish from the App Store. Not only our, but also other vendors in this commodity market. The wording we always gave very vague, such that some items violated the agreements with independent developers, but no one ever details we have not answered. The question now is that the tools are used to develop a Screen Time, would be available to other developers to not unnecessarily blocked, not been removed from the App Store no app to about some of the changes were known to all beforehand, not just the developers of Screen Time, for example.”

In the Apple announced that the recently deleted some apps with parental control feature from the App Store, because they threaten the privacy and security of users.

If the actions of “Apple” company will be found signs of abuse of dominant position, her lawyers face a fine in the amount from one to 15% of the amount of revenue their applications, competing with the product “Kaspersky Lab”.

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