This may increase the price of smartphones.

The Federal Antimonopoly service officially proposed to the Russian government to require all smartphone manufacturers to install a Russian application. FAS wants Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and other companies pre-installed on their smart phones Russian counterparts for all standard applications. In addition, FAS considers it necessary to oblige manufacturers to introduce the ability to delete any of the standard application except the service.

FAS proposed plan affects virtually all standard applications of smart phones. Manufacturers want to require the installation of Russian analogues browsers, music players, applications for work with mail and other programs. What is the Russian application we have in mind is not specified.

Another item in terms of FAS furthers the ability to uninstall default apps. We are talking about regular iOS and Android apps, for example, Mail, Notes and Safari on the iPhone.

According to the plan, the FAS, the amendments will be ready by mid-spring of 2019. Then they will be considered by the government.

The publication “Kommersant” asked the market participants opinion about the new idea of the FAS. Most experts believe that if such rules are indeed adopted, then, because of their smartphones in Russia can rise in price. Besides, experts doubt that producers will be able to meet the requirements of the FAS and begin to establish the Russian applications on smartphones.

Source: Kommersant.


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