The Federation Council member Sergei Tsekov commented on the scandal over the ownership of Crimea to Russia on the maps of Apple. According to the Senator, all this can be considered an intermediate link on the way to international recognition of the Peninsula as the territory of the Russian Federation, reports “national news service”.

Apple responded to the claims of the state Duma in the Crimea

According to Tsekov, the American Corporation is gradually starting to acknowledge the reality of the political situation in the territory of the Crimea. “”Cunning, sly, of course. Want for all to be good. Looking for their benefits”, — said the Senator. Ukraine’s attempts to “return” the Peninsula with the help of the Apple boycott a member of the Federation Council called ridiculous.

Earlier it was reported that the American Corporation Apple “will carefully examine” its policy regarding the designation of the disputed territories on the maps in the services. The company said that before to take a decision on the symbols in Maps, the Corporation refers to the norms of international law and relevant U.S. and local law.

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