Samsung’s flagship looks great!

Authoritative insider OnLeaks has released images showing the final design of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10. According to the statement OnLeaks, images were created based on the final CAD drawings of the smartphone, which was leaked from Samsung.

In General appearance the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be similar to the predecessor. Designers Samsung did not change the form of smartphone case and to abandon a tradition for the flagship of the Galaxy series curved edges.

However, changes in the appearance of the Galaxy S10 happened. In the first place should note the location of the front camera. It is not placed on the top frame, and scoop neckline on the display. The same technological solution with a cut in the screen in 2019 intend to apply and other manufacturers of Android smartphones. It is noteworthy that the upper and lower display frame Galaxy S10 remained fairly thick. However, the appearance of smartphone they are only a Supplement, forming a symmetry with the side frames.

On the rear surface Galaxy S10 at the top in the middle there is system of three cameras and an LED flash. The fingerprint scanner on the lid there is, which indicates that the Samsung engineers managed to equip the on-screen flagship with a fingerprint sensor.

Also note the color of the case Galaxy S10. Shown in the pictures, the smartphone has a gradient coloring. Apparently, Samsung has decided to follow the trend and release a smartphone in unusual colors.

Presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be held in February 2019 at the MWC.

Source: OnLeaks.


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